Medical staff

A selection of specialized doctors

They provide the best medical care to our patients using the latest medical equipment and technology

Dental and Oral Surgery

Dr. Hanan Al-Abed Al-Aziz

Obstetrics and Gynecology Consultant

Dr. Naglaa Abbas

Internal Medicine

Dr. Enas Hussein Al-Faqi

Orthopedic specialist

Dr. Wael Al-Ghandour

Dental and Oral Surgery

Dr. Ahmed Al-Odah

General Medicine

Dr. Lamia El Sayed

General Medicine

Dr. Hossam El Hennawy

General Medicine

Dr. Shabana prayer

General Medicine

Dr. Mohammed Al-Hamwi

Echoes of Health Medical Complex was established in 2009 and is one of the branches of the Swan Specialist Medical Company. The complex offers a comprehensive range of medical and treatment services, and the complex is constantly expanding and keeping pace with everything new in diagnostic medical devices, as it has been equipped with the latest advanced medical and diagnostic devices in the world of medicine .. It includes a selection of male and female doctors who have been carefully selected in the medical specialties Through it, we seek to provide the highest level of specialized health care and to provide the best, first-class and high-quality medical services. Human health remains our primary goal.

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