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Welcome to Asda Alseha Health Medical Center

Asda Alseha Health Medical Center was established in 2009

One of the branches of the Swan Specialist Medical Company, Asda Alseha Health Medical Center was established in 2009.
… It offers a full range of medical and treatment services more


Specialized in correcting bone and joint deformities, treating bone-related diseases, and preventing future recurrence



A child's health is of utmost importance to parents. At Asdaa Alseha Medical Center, the children's clinic offers your child comfort and safety



...Therapeutic cosmetic fillings
...Veneers and Lumineers lenses
...Hollywood smile

Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic

Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is distinguished by providing the best medical services for the mother and fetus through obstetrics and gynecologists

Laboratory Department

Laboratory Department

The laboratory follows the standards of maintaining the prevention and safety systems. Carrying out medical analysis efficiently, responsibly, and proficiently.

Internal Medicine Clinic

Internal Medicine Clinic

The Department of Internal Medicine consists of several units specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatism, rheumatism diseases of the elderly, and kidneys

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Why Asdaa Alseha?

A wonderful center after the renovation and the handling is top, and the doctors, Mashallah, are all experienced, and they have the consultant Dr. Naglaa Abbas, the only obstetrics and gynecology consultant in Laban Marra Zina, and she knows your problem and solves it, God willing.

Joey Griffiths

The place is big, we add and treat you with classy treatment. Dr. Najla women tried once, she is good and listens to the patient and teaches you everything and responds to all your questions and their prices are once suitable for everyone

Nada Qasem

The first time I visit the dispensary, the complex is wonderful, calm and clean, and the Saudi nurse is nice and keen and their treatment is elegant.

LATIFAH Abdullah

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